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Arrest Made for Rape of Mother and Daughter at Southern Place Apartments in Clarkston

Police report the arrest of a 20 year-old refugee from Rwanda in connection with the rape of a 40 year-old woman and her 15 year-old daughter at Southern Place Apartments on Montreal Road in Clarkston, GA. News reports indicate the victims are refugees from Somalia. We suspect the victims are particularly traumatized by this assault after having to leave their home country to escape the threat of similar abuse.

Hopefully, the arrest in this case will result in the resolution of other unsolved rape cases in the area. Our experience in representing rape victims indicates that most rapists have victimized many women before they are finally arrested and convicted.

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Hopefully, these victims will be able to take some comfort in knowing that their attacker is behind bars. We are also hopeful that they will take full advantage of counseling services available to them through the DeKalb Rape Crisis Center:

If you are the victim of sexual assault, you should contact law enforcement as soon as possible after getting to a safe place. You should also avoid bathing and avoid disturbing any item the perpetrator may have touched so that evidence can be properly preserved. You should also consider contacting a lawyer as soon as possible to help you understand your civil rights – especially if the attack occurred inside your apartment. For instance, if prior sexual assault or burglary occurred at the complex, the owner of the property may have had a duty to provide better locks and an increased security presence. Unfortunately for most victims of rape, the police department and prosecutors are primarily focused on obtaining a conviction in criminal court and are not equipped to advise victims of their civil rights.

To learn more about your rights, contact the attorneys at The Crime Victim Law Group:

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Arrest Made for Rape of Mother and Daughter at Southern Place Apartments in Clarkston

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