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Choosing a Safer Apartment Community in Georgia- PART TWO: The Search Continues…

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PART TWO: The Search Continues…

Thanks for coming back to read PART TWO of our three-part Apartment Safety Guide. Today we will continue to review considerations that could help you find the safest place to live.

Search Rule # 3 (for rules 1 and 2 see PART ONE of the series) – Review the Overall Condition of the Property
Walk around the complex during the day. Note how all the buildings are maintained. Are the grounds manicured? Are common areas neat? Is trash lying around? Are the laundry areas secure and clean? If there are luxuries such as a pool area or weight room, are they also well-maintained? The answers to these questions will give you an initial understanding of how the landlord and the residents treat the property.

Also, tour the property at night with a property or leasing manager or courtesy officer. This should be arranged ahead of time. The vast majority of violent crime at apartment communities happens at night. If the management team is unwilling to be on the property after dark, you can be sure they are concerned about safety – and you should be, too. If you are able to tour at night, notice whether people are loitering in the common areas and whether there seem to be people “hanging out” who don’t live on the property. Again, unchecked loitering is often a sign of more serious criminal activity.

Search Rule # 4Be Picky about Your Location within an Apartment Building
When speaking with leasing agents, be clear that you will only consider an apartment that is located at least on the 2nd floor. It may make moving in more difficult and you may not want to climb stairs every day. But, ground floor units are most common for assaults and rapes. Most burglaries and stranger-on-stranger assaults are crimes of opportunity – and most criminals don’t carry ladders. The more difficult it is for an assailant to enter your window, the more likely he is to move on to another apartment.

Search Rule # 5Ask the police
Find out what county the apartment community is in and contact the police department that serves that community. Many larger departments – like DeKalb County and City of Atlanta – have crime prevention specialists who can give you information about particular properties that receive more calls for police assistance. Detectives in smaller police departments will often also have similar information, especially about problem properties.

Search Rule # 6Check for Offenders in the Area Online
Search by address on the Sex Offender Registry for any registered sex offenders in a given neighborhood.

Search Rule #7 Ask Your Prospective New Neighbors a Few Questions
While you are there looking at the property, try finding a person coming or going. Here are 3 questions that take less than 30 seconds to answer.

  1. Does management respond quickly to an issue?
  2. Are you aware of any crimes on the property?
  3. Do you plan to renew your lease?

Join us next week for PART THREE in which we will review a few rules on how to make your CURRENT residence even safer!


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Choosing a Safer Apartment Community in Georgia- PART TWO: The Search Continues…

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