Child Molestation/Abuse

The vulnerability of children makes them a target of adults who would wish to use or abuse another person. Child molestation—a broad term that encompasses any type of sexual activity between a child and an adult, including incest—is one of many pernicious forms of child abuse. Under Georgia law, a child is a person under the age of 16.

The psychological trauma inflicted on a child by a molester cannot be overstated. An inability to trust other people, troubles in school and within the family, and social problems are common consequences of being molested as a child. Many survivors of child molestation have come forward in the past decade, and their experiences are of lifelong detriment to their emotional well-being.

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Examples of Child Molesters
It is not only strangers who molest children. In many cases, a child molester is someone familiar to the family and the child. A child molester may be a:

  • Neighbor
  • Family member, including parents of the victims
  • Foster parent
  • Friend of the family
  • Teacher
  • Daycare staff
  • Camp counselor
  • Healthcare professional, including doctors and psychologists
  • Clergyperson
  • Even a law enforcement officer

Predators Are Not Uncommon
The clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and the well-known NBC television program “Dateline: To Catch a Predator” have shown that there are many in the world who are willing to molest a child for their own pleasure. In fact, a Dateline sting held in the summer of 2006 netted 20 men in Harris County, Georgia alone.

Sadly, there seems to be an inexhaustible pool of adults who would go to great lengths to entice a child in an online chat room, then visit a home expecting to find an underage girl or boy with whom they could engage in sexual activity.

Child Molestation and Georgia Criminal Statutes
In Georgia, it is a felony to perform an immoral or indecent act to, or in presence of, any child under 16 with the intent to arouse the sexual desires of the adult or the child. 5 to 20 years in prison are allowable for a first conviction. When the act of child molestation physically injures the child or involves sodomy, the felony ‘aggravated child molestation’ may be determined, with a more severe sentence.

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Child Molestation/Abuse

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