Injured at a Hotel? Here’s What You Need to Know

Injured at a hotel? Here’s what you need to know. Get help from the legal team at Deitch + Rogers if you were the victim of a violent crime on a hotel property.


A Hotel Crime Can Happen to Anyone

Have you or a loved one suffered because of a violent attack while staying at a hotel or motel? A criminal attack should never have happened if the hotel was aware of the danger causing the injury and failed to comply with surveillance and security measures it knew were necessary to take care of its hotel guests. If you or someone you love experienced a criminal attack at a hotel or motel, you may be owed compensation for the physical pain, emotional pain, and financial setbacks endured as a result.

When you check into a hotel, it should feel like you’re entering a second home. You deserve to be safe and secure. Unfortunately, criminal attacks such as rape, shootings, stabbings, and other types of life-altering incidents may occur at hotels or motels due to the negligence of the hotel management and staff.

It may have been a guest, the friend of a guest, a hotel employee, or a stranger who found a way to enter – it doesn’t matter – if you’ve been injured in a hotel by someone, the premises owners and managers knew or should have known was a threat you may have a claim under Georgia law.

Whether you were attacked in your private room, a common area, hallway, parking lot, or any area overseen by the hotel, you should have been protected from known or expected dangers.

Under Georgia law, the hotel owner has a landlord responsibility to provide secure and guarded facilities to keep all parts of their property safe for every hotel guest. This is especially true as it relates to potential criminal acts in a hotel.

If you are the victim of a hotel crime or a hotel accident, you should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney. You may have a claim for monetary damages that can help you reclaim control of your life and realize a brighter future.

Do You Need a Hotel Accident Lawyer?

At Deitch + Rogers, we’ve specialized in crime victim cases for 30 years, and we are the best attorneys to investigate and evaluate your potential claims. We are dedicated to helping you recover the money and peace of mind you deserve.


Any successful civil action begins with a thorough investigation of the property and its history a. Working with an experienced criminal injury negligence attorney is the only way to ensure you are going to have a successful case.

Seeking Money Damages After a Violent Crime on Hotel Property

If you or a loved one have been subjected to any of these sorts of violent attacks on the property of a hotel or motel, you may be able to recover money damages as compensation for the medical care and medical treatment, and after all the physical, mental, and emotional suffering that you and your family have endured. You deserve to get your life back on track.

After falling victim to a hotel criminal attack or accident, medical bills can stack up. You may have to pay for therapy to help you overcome the emotional and physical trauma from an event that wasn’t your fault, and in no way would you have imagined that it could happen. Perhaps you’ve lost wages because you haven’t been able to work for months after the attack. Whether it’s due to depression or physical pain, our hotel injury lawyers can help you recover money damages that are owed to you in order to reclaim control of your life.

Our professional premises liability lawyers know how to file a claim process and get you the compensation you deserve if you were injured or attacked in a hotel.

How a Hotel Injury Lawyer Can Help After a Crime at a Hotel

Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, you have the right to be safe on the hotel’s property and be able to enjoy tranquility in a safe environment.

At Deitch + Rogers, we understand how difficult it can be to return to a sense of normalcy and regain control of your life after an attack. Our job is to provide you with support and legal advice through every step of this process so that justice is done and the negligent property owner is held accountable.

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