Acquaintance Rape/Stalking Cases

Doe v. Smith (alias) – Woman was raped by an Atlanta attorney while she was a guest in his home. Case settled prior to litigation for a confidential amount.

Perry v. Blackwell – Woman raped and photographed by friend while she was Defendant’s home. Defendant sentenced on related criminal charges. Case resolved [Perry v. State Farm Fire & Cas. Co., 297 Ga. App. 9 (2009)].

Doe v. Burke – Woman was continually harassed by an ex-boyfriend who also was taking steps to build a house in the same neighborhood as the victim’s new home. Case was settled for $50,000 with agreement that perpetrator not build the home and execute a consent Permanent Protective Order.

Doe v. Wong – Minor female was victim of college student who was following her over a period of weeks. Temporary Protective Order obtained for client and case settled for a confidential amount prior to litigation.