Apartment Property Death/Serious Violent Injury Cases

Olvera v. Princeton Properties – Tenant’s visitor shot during robbery attempt in apartment parking lot, causing permanent arm injury. Case settled for confidential amount.

Kingsberry v. Simpson Housing (Gramercy Buckhead Apartments) – Tenant’s visitor was shot to death during break-in and robbery of apartment. Case settled for confidential amount.

Reed v. Covington Housing Authority – Sister of tenant shot to death by another tenant. October, 2010 jury trial resulted in verdict of $1.35 Million.

Grobman v. Bethany Group, et al. (Alden Ridge Apartments) – Taxi driver was lured to property to be robbed and was shot to death in the parking lot. Case settled for $1.25 Million [Bethany Group v. Grobman, 315 Ga. App. 298 (2012)].

Clark v. HJ Russell & Co. (Rolling Bends Apartments) – Tenant was innocent bystander shot during a drive-by shooting, suffering serious abdominal injury. Case settled for $549,500.

Fallin v. Gables Residential Services, Inc. (Gables Lenox Hills Apartments) – Visitor was picking up a tenant and was shot to death during a robbery attempt in the parking lot. Case was settled for confidential amount.

Medina v. GFI Management Services, Inc. (Kensington Station Apartments) – Tenant was shot in leg during robbery. Case settled for confidential amount. [GFI v. Medina, 291 Ga. 741 (2012)]

Ramos v. Monday Properties (Windsor Square Apartments) – Tenant shot in abdomen and leg during robbery attempt.  Case settled for $300,000

Porter v. Harbour Management (Wynhollow Apartments) – Victim was innocent bystander, shot to death during dispute. Case settled for confidential amount.

North v. Harbour Management (Wynhollow Apartments) – Victim was innocent bystander during dispute,  and survived gunshot to the head. Case settled for $1.2 Million.

Mendoza v. Majestic Management Services, Inc. (Town & Country Apartments) – Tenant was shot in abdomen during robbery while standing outside apartment with his minor daughter. Case settled for $300,000

Seaton v. FPI (Timber Trace Apartments) – Male tenant was abducted from his apartment, forced to return to his place of business which was robbed. He was left in the trunk of his car. Case settled (confidential) during trial. [FPI v. Seaton, 240 Ga. App. 880 (1999)]

Berry v. Miles Properties, Inc. (Highland Place Apartments) – Visitor was shot several times by trespassers resulting in paraplegia. Case settled before trial for a confidential amount.

Roberts v. Falcon Arms Assoc. (Shoals Crossing Apartments) – Male victim was visiting a friend’s apartment and was sitting in living room when an intruder kicked in door and shot victim three times. Victim died two weeks later as a result of the gunshots. The other victim who was the tenant was abducted but escaped. Case settled for $650,000.

Bloodworth v. Summit Creek Apartments – Male tenant was assaulted and shot in the common area immediately outside his apartment by teenagers who were trespassing and loitering. Case settled (confidential) before trial.

Herrera v. Park at Lakewood LLC (Park at Lakewood Apartments) – Male tenants were robbed and shot, one fatally, in their apartment by three attackers who entered through the front door. Case settled (confidential) before trial

Rosemond v. Wood Court, LLC (Wood Court Apartments) – Female tenant was shot and killed in the parking lot of her apartment complex by gang-type attackers who got into a gambling argument and shot grandmother who was carrying her grandchild (who was also shot) to her apartment. Case settled (confidential) before trial.

McLendon v. Lakeside Townhouses, LP – Husband and wife tenants were assaulted and robbed at gunpoint by three unknown intruders who forced open the front door to their apartment. One of the victims was shot by one of the intruders. Case settled (confidential) before trial.

Bomo v. Shaw – Arnaud Aboa was shot and killed while walking through the Emerald Ridge Apartments in Stone Mountain where he lived with his mother. The apartment owners knew they had long history of crime but hadn’t taken adequate steps to provide security for their tenants. Mr. Aboa’s family sued the owners in DeKalb County for the value of his life. The case was settled during litigation for a confidential amount.

Thompson v. Executive Affiliates (Lakeside Apartments) – Young female visitor was shot and killed in a friend’s apartment during a home invasion. Case settled for confidential amount.

Phillips v. Gateway Management Co. – Tenant’s adult son was shot and killed in front of her apartment by persons known to her son. Case settled (confidential) before trial.

Creamer v. Sun Management, Inc. (Mountain Park Apartments) – Female tenant was shot in her stomach by three (3) unknown males who broke into her apartment and attempted to murder her.

Lamothe v. Garden Village Square, LP (Village Square Apartments) – Female tenant was at the dumpster at his apartment complex disposing of trash when two unknown perpetrators robbed, brutally beat and kidnapped him. Case settled (confidential) before trial.

Holmes v. NHP Management Company (Lake Crossing Apartments) – Female tenant was burglarized, sexually assaulted and stabbed in her apartment by another tenant. He entered her apartment through a scuttle hole he had torn between the exterior closet and laundry room. Case settled for $1 Million.

Glamsch v. Southern Trace Apartments – Male victim was critically stabbed while apartment sitting for a friend. When he arrived at the apartment at approximately noon, an intruder who was in the process of burglarizing the apartment stabbed and beat the victim who fell threw a plate glass window to the ground. Case settled for confidential amount.

Walker v. St. Paul Apartments – Elderly female tenant was assaulted in her high rise apartment. As she was leaving her apartment to cross the hall, the intruder forced her back inside at gunpoint, tied her up, robbed and beat her. Case settled after appeal and before trial. [Walker v. St. Paul Apartments, 227 Ga. App. 298 (1997)]

Finney v. 32 Peachtree Partners LP (The William-Oliver Building Apartments) – Plaintiff was burglarized, sexually assaulted and raped in her apartment by an attacker who lived in the same building. He entered her apartment with a key. Case settled (confidential) before trial.

Cruz v. Kaplan at Waterford (The Waterford on Piedmont Apartments) – Plaintiff was shot by her ex-boyfriend in the hallway of defendant’s high rise apartment building. Case resolved.