Condominium/Rental House Cases

Isaacs v. Brookwood Park Condominium Assoc. – Tenant was taking packages from her vehicle in a covered parking lot when she was assaulted, robbed, kidnapped and raped by an unknown assailant. Case settled for $325,000.

Miller V. Bradford Square Condominiums – Plaintiff and her husband were carjacked in the condominium complex and her husband was shot to death. Case appealed. [Bradford Square v. Miller, 258 Ga. App. 240 (2002)]

Kirayoglu v. Bachman – Female tenant was visiting the residence when she was bound, gagged held at knifepoint and raped in the rental home by an intruder who entered through a kitchen window. Case settled for $460,000.

Schnebli v. Bachman – One victim was assaulted and raped inside her rental home and other two occupants were assaulted by an intruder. On previous occasions, they had incidents with an intruder gaining or attempting to gain entry into their rental home and both times called the police and landlords and requested that burglar bars be installed. The intruder entered through a kitchen window. Case settled for $350,000.

Burnett v. Kimbrough – Female tenant was burglarized and attacked in her rented house. Attacker entered through a ground floor window. Case settled (confidential) before trial.

Grindle v. Patsen Properties, Inc. – Male tenant was shot and paralyzed by another tenant of the trailer park where he was doing some maintenance work. Case settled (confidential) before trial.