Convenience Store/Restaurant/Bar/Club Cases

Tubbs v. Holmes Convenience Corporation – Customer was shot in the back and carjacked while in convenience store parking lot. Case settled for $750,000.

Ferrell v. Mikula and Ruby Tuesday – Two sisters were wrongfully arrested and detained by off-duty police officer working security. Case settled for confidential amount [Ferrell v. Mikula and Ruby Tuesday, 295 Ga. App. 326 (2009)].

Asbell v. BP Oil – Store employees were robbed and shot in convenience stores by unknown robbers. One died while the other survived. Cases appealed. [Asbell v. BP Oil, 230 Ga. App. 700 (1998)]

Galan v. T-RAE (Buddy’s Food Store) – Customer was robbed and shot while putting gas in his car at a convenience store. Case settled (confidential) before trial.

Alfred v. Right Stuff Food Stores – Customer was assaulted, robbed, kidnapped and shot at a convenience store while using the pay phone outside by an unknown assailant. When Plaintiff tried to escape he was struck by a bullet in his back paralyzing him. Case appealed, 241 Ga. App. 338 (1999)

Doe v. RTM Restaurant Group, Inc., et al. (Hardee’s) – Woman was attacked in the bathroom of a Hardee’s by an ex-employee who had been loitering on the property and exhibiting bizarre and threatening behavior. Case was settled during litigation (confidential).

Botsford v. International Follies (Cheetah Club) – Guests were shot, two were injured and one died by 2 underage club goers who were rejected from entering, so they returned to their car and fired shots into the others waiting at the entrance. Case settled for $1,000,000.

Knudson v. Lenny’s – Husband and wife were at a bar where an underage male assaulted the husband with a beer bottle causing severe facial nerve damage. [Knudson v. Lenny’s, 202 Ga. App. 85 (1991)]

Ford v. Jazzy T’s – Two brothers were both shot in the parking lot of a strip club and pool hall by an unknown gunman after leaving the club because of an argument inside. Case settled (confidential) before trial.

Gooden v. Royal Peacock – Young woman attacked by patron causing severe facial laceration. Case settled for confidential amount.