When Do You Need a Crime Victim Attorney in Atlanta?

Most people live their lives with the assumption that they will never require a crime victim attorney in Atlanta. Unfortunately, there are over 35,000 criminal offenses that occur each year in the state of Georgia. Many of them leave victims who suffer extreme and devastating injuries, as well as psychological scars that can make returning to normal life a challenge.

Although all criminal offense victims have the right to restitution for their injuries, the process for obtaining it is complex. In fact, this field of law is one of the most complicated, because liability is often found with individuals or entities other than the one who personally committed the crime. In such intricate cases with many pertinent details, the Crime Victim Law Group of Deitch " Rogers, LLC, can assess your situation and advise you of your options.

Just a few of the crimes that a crime victim attorney in Atlanta can assist you with include the following:

  • Assaults in bars, concerts, and sports venues
  • Attacks in parking lots or streets
  • Burglaries, home invasion, and robberies
  • Police officers using excessive force
  • Sexual assaults and rapes
  • Shootings and stabbings

In some situations, the police are unable to determine who committed the crime. In others, the culprit is unable financially to afford to pay for your damages. In these scenarios, a lawyer with experience with premises liability will examine the facts and determine who else might be partially responsible.


Crime Victim Attorney in Atlanta

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Crime Victim Attorney in Atlanta

The Crime Victim Law Group is the law firm of Deitch & Rogers, LLC. Our mission is to obtain justice for crime victims by obtaining money damages from negligent parties who fail to take reasonable steps to prevent criminal attacks.

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Crime Victim Attorney in Atlanta

Attorneys Gilbert Deitch and Andy Rogers have represented more victims of crime in civil cases than any other attorneys in the State of Georgia. Deitch & Rogers have the experience and resources that will provide the best opportunity for recovery.

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Your Negligent Security Lawyer in Atlanta

A negligent security lawyer in Atlanta works for your benefit when you have been injured or had your property maliciously damaged on another’s property. Naturally, property owners and companies do not desire criminal activities to occur in their facilities; it's terrible for the business.

Depending on the scenario, violent criminal activity at their workplace or property might leave the primary owner accountable for damages, since they must supply appropriate security. Property owners have a legal responsibility to guarantee the property is maintained correctly and kept safe for employees, patrons or customers, and visitors. If not, he or she will be responsible for all damages impacting the victim of an accident. Accidents that may require consultation with a crime victim attorney in Atlanta can include:

  • Animal attacks
  • Assault
  • Negligent security
  • Shootings
  • Burglaries or robbery
  • And more

Often violent crimes could have been avoided if the people who owned the property had taken specific preventive measures. For example, assaults in the dark stairway of unsafe apartments may not have occurred if there had been better lighting and better security. When a property owner is aware of this but fails to remedy the situation, they could be legally liable. In that case, their insurance company can pay for your medical expenses or other compensation. A skilled crime victim attorney in Atlanta will take the following actions.

  • Pursuing businesses that allow unsafe behavior on the premises>
  • Pursuing property owners for failure to provide a structurally safe environment
  • Investigating insurance policies for compensation
  • Filing for benefits from the Georgia Crime Victim Compensation Program

A business or property owner has a greater responsibility to offer appropriate security if he or she is aware of a potentially hazardous condition or previous criminal offenses that occurred on the premises. The more diligently the owner attends to the security of their property, the less likely a criminal act will happen.

Negligent security includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adequate warnings of dangers like guard dogs, etc.
  • Insufficient alarm system
  • Lack of fencing
  • Lack of security cameras
  • Malfunctioning or no door locks
  • No security patrol
  • Poor lighting

Negligent security cases like those involving hotel safety or mall attacks focus on whether the crime or accident could have been prevented and whether the appropriate steps were taken to do so. A skilled crime victim attorney in Atlanta will examine the components of a potential negligent security case to ensure there is enough evidence. If you feel that you were the victim of negligent security, contact us to schedule an appointment.