Crime Victim Attorney in Atlanta

As the most experienced crime victim attorneys in Atlanta, we will work to get the maximum monetary damages available for a property owners’ failure to keep their premises safe.

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When Do You Need a Crime Victim Attorney in Atlanta?

Most people assume they will never be a crime victim or need to be represented by a crime victim attorney. Unfortunately, many people become crime victims every day. In 2017 alone, there were more than 35,000 violent crimes in the state of Georgia. Sadly, many of these violent crimes could have been prevented and occurred only because a business or property owner failed to act to keep their premises safe, despite knowing about ongoing criminal activity at the premises.

Not surprisingly, victims of violent crime often suffer severe and permanent physical and emotional injuries. These injuries can be devastating and life-changing. Our mission is to help those victims get the compensation they deserve from negligent businesses and property owners. These cases are difficult and complicated. Businesses and property owners invariably seek to blame the criminals who commit the crimes and, in some cases, even the victim. Simply put, they will stop at nothing to avoid paying for the harm caused by their negligence. That is why it is important that you have experienced attorneys who have proven they know how to effectively represent crime victims.

No law firm in Georgia has more experience representing crime victims than the Crime Victim Law Group of Deitch & Rogers, LLC. Collectively, our attorneys have more than 100 years of experience successfully representing crime victims.

Just a few of the crimes that a crime victim attorney in Atlanta can assist you with include the following:

  • ● Murder and aggravated assault
  • ● Assaults at apartment complexes and hotels
  • ● Assaults at stores and restaurants
  • ● Assaults at bars, concerts, and sports venues
  • ● Attacks in parking lots or streets
  • ● Burglaries, home invasion, and robberies
  • ● Police officers using excessive force
  • Sexual assaults and rapes
  • ● Shootings and stabbings


Crime Victim Attorney in Atlanta

I have seen Gilbert Deitch in every capacity as a lawyer. I have opposed him in premises liability cases, used him as a consultant and seen his work as a trial lawyer

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Crime Victim Attorney in Atlanta

The Crime Victim Law Group is the law firm of Deitch & Rogers, LLC. Our mission is to obtain justice for crime victims by obtaining money damages from negligent parties who fail to take reasonable steps to prevent criminal attacks.

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Crime Victim Attorney in Atlanta

Attorneys Gilbert Deitch and Andy Rogers have represented more victims of crime in civil cases than any other attorneys in the State of Georgia. Deitch & Rogers have the experience and resources that will provide the best opportunity for recovery.

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Your Negligent Security Lawyer in Atlanta

A negligent security lawyer in Atlanta works for your benefit when you or your loved one have been injured on another’s property. Depending on the facts of your case, the business or property owner might be held legally responsible for the injuries because they are required to provide appropriate security measures at their property. Owners and occupiers of property have a legal responsibility to maintain the property correctly and keep it safe for tenants, patrons, customers and visitors. If they fail to do this, businesses and property owners may be responsible for paying money damages to compensate the injured crime victim.

The types of crime that may require consultation with a crime victim attorney in Atlanta can include:

  • ● Rape
  • ● Sexual Assault
  • ● Murder
  • ● Aggravated Assault
  • ● Assault
  • ● Shootings
  • ● Stabbings
  • ● Home Invasion
  • ● Burglaries or robbery
  • ● Carjacking

Often, violent crimes could have been avoided if the people who own or occupy the property had taken specific, preventive measures. For example, assaults in the dark stairway of unsafe apartments may not occur if there is better lighting and better security. When a business or property owner is aware of the risk of harm but fails to remedy the situation, they could be legally liable to crime victims. In that case, they or their insurance company can be required to pay for your medical expenses and other compensation. A skilled crime victim attorney in Atlanta will take the following actions.

  • ● Investigate the history of criminal activity occurring at the premises
  • ● Pursue legal claims against businesses and property owners that allow unsafe behavior on the premises
  • ● Pursue legal claims against businesses and property owners that fail to provide a safe environment
  • ● Investigate whether the business and/or property owner has insurance coverage

A business or property owner has a greater responsibility to provide appropriate security if they are aware of a potentially dangerous condition or of previous criminal offenses that occurred on the premises. The more diligently the business or owner attends to the security of their property, the less likely a criminal act will happen.

Negligent security includes, but is not limited to:

  • ● Insufficient alarm system
  • ● Lack of fencing
  • ● Lack of gates
  • ● Lack of security cameras
  • ● Malfunctioning or missing door or window locks
  • ● No door peepholes
  • ● No security patrol
  • ● Poor lighting
  • ● Inadequate warnings about crime on the property

Negligent security cases like those involving hotel safety or mall attacks also focus on whether the crime could have been prevented and whether the appropriate steps were taken to do so. A skilled crime victim attorney in Atlanta will examine the components of a potential negligent security case to determine whether there is a possible claim. If you feel that you were the victim of negligent security, contact us to schedule an appointment.