Atlanta Group Home Sexual Assault Lawyer

Group Home Sexual Assault Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Group Home Sexual Assault Lawyer Atlanta, GAChildren and families are often placed in the difficult position of relying on the care of a group home facility. If you or a loved one were in a group home and were the victim of sexual assault, consider contacting an Atlanta, GA group home sexual assault lawyer. Childhood sexual abuse has a lasting impact on every survivor. Knowing your rights and potential civil remedies is important to regaining control over your life. Seeking the help of a lawyer you can trust throughout this process is essential to your well-being and your case. Our firm exclusively represents crime victims. Reach out to Deitch + Rogers when you are ready for a consultation. 

How can a lawyer help me with my case? 

If the sexual assault was the result of the group home failing to take reasonable steps to protect you against a known or knowable danger, the group home may have been negligent. We begin every case by investigating and evaluating what happened for potential civil claims. Regardless of who, a personal injury attorney should be able to assist you in many ways: 


Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the group home industry, regulations, and proper criminal prosecution of sexual assault. You case is different from a car accident or slip and fall–and you need attorneys who are experts in this area.

Emotional support resources.

Compassion, control, and support are important to every survivor during the legal process. We will steer you toward resources to support your healing. 


Investigation is always step one in evaluating potential civil claims. We begin every case by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and consulting experts on liability and damages if necessary. 


Sometimes it is possible to negotiate and settle your case without completing a trial. Money damages are the only civil remedy available to crime victims.  Although compensation will never fix or erase what happened, resolution and money damages can help you put this behind you. 

After a Group Home Sexual Assault Attack its Important to Work with a Lawyer with Experience you can Trust

Experiencing a sexual assault in a group home is a deeply traumatic experience. By taking immediate steps to ensure safety, seek medical attention, contact support services, document the incident, seek counseling, and consult with legal professionals, survivors can begin the journey towards healing, justice, and reclaiming their lives. Remember, you are not alone, and support is available to help you. Reach out to Deitch + Rogers to speak with our trusted and compassionate Atlanta group home sexual assault lawyer.