Unsafe Apartments

Apartment complexes have many residents, most of whom reside there only a short time. Often people move into an apartment without knowing whether there is a history of crime at the complex, and some apartment owners in fact hide such histories from residents – or just lie about them.

Common instances of crime that occur in complexes include:

  • Automobile break-ins
  • Burglaries
  • Petty theft of plants, bicycles, or miscellaneous items
  • and, unfortunately, violent crimes like assault, rape and murder.

Criminals who prey on apartment dwellers take advantage of poor security at these complexes. A burned-out light bulb can turn a breezeway or stairwell into a perfect haven for a criminal; dark parking lots and unfenced areas can aid both the entry and escape of criminals. Inadequate locks on doors and windows can let criminals into your residence, and leave little or no trace of evidence for the police.

Mr. Deitch and Mr. Rogers have been hired by many victims throughout Georgia to represent them in an attack, rape, or other violent offense that has taken place ona  property with inadequate security.  If you or someone you know has been a victim, and you would like to have your questions answered at once, contact our firm today or call us at (770) 394-9000 to learn more about victim’s rights and the Georgia law.

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Unsafe Apartments

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